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Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerhal and Stormcast Continues
New this week we have the new box game for Warhammer Quest, Shadows over Hammerhal. This box set moves the location of your game to the city of Hammerhal, where 2-5 players adventure through the catacombs and dungeons below the city. This set contains 31 miniatures, a 72-page guidebook, a 32-page adventure book, and lots of other goodies. This version of Warhammer Quest is fully compatible with Silver Tower, so feel free to port over your characters from that game to this new setting. This box set retails for $150.00, but you can get it shipped to you* for just $120.00.

Also releasing this week are two new miniature sets for Storncast Eternals and a character for the Slaves to Darkness. First up we have the Vangurard-Palladors, a cavalry unit mounted on terrifying Gryph-chargers. This set comes with 3 riders and mounts and retails for $60.00, which means at 20% off, they can be yours for $48.00. Next we have the similarly mounted Lord-AAquilor model. This character will run you $40.00 at some sites, but from us, it's yours for just $32.00. Finally, we have Slambo, the iconic Chaos warrior with twin axes. This model runs $25.00, but our price is just $20.00.

If you are itching for any of the recent Stormcast Eternals releases, including the new Battletome, they are now available to order. Just give us a call at the number above during business hours. To request our current Games Workshop catalog send an e-mail to:

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Imperial Agents This week we have available to order the new Codex: Imperial Agents book. This book includes background and rules for a number of smaller imperial factions, including Sisters of Battle. This book retails for $40.00, but order now and at 20% off, you'll get this book for just $32.00.

As always, you can reach us at the number above to place an order and you can request our current Games Workshop catalog by sending an e-mail to:

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Blood Bowl & Thousand Sons! Blood Bowl is here!

Available now and ready to ship we have the Blood Bowl box game, The Skavenblight Scamblers team and the Death Zone: Season 1 book. The game comes with human and orc teams, a double-sided pitch and everything you need to get started playing. This box retails fo $99.00, but you can get it from for just $79.20! The Skavenblight Scrablers would normally set you back $35.00, but we're selling them for just $28.00. Our price for the Death Zone book is just $20.00, which is 20% off the retail price.

This week sees the release of the Thousand Sons from the warp, including their Primarch leader, Magnus the Red, Ahriman, Rubric Marines, Terminators, and, of course, rules to play them all. Also new this week are new colours specifically designated for painting Thousand Sons Marines.

Warzone Fenris: Wrath of Magnus, details the ancient daemon primarch's revenge plans for his old adversary, the Space Wolves. This book retails for $75.00, but at CMO we're selling it for just $60.00. Magnus the Red is himself a huge centerpiece model that retails for $130.00, but with 20% off he's just $104.00 at CMO. A box of 10 Rubric Marines (or 9 + sorcerer) would set you nack $50.00 at some other stores, but it's only $40.00 from us! Scarab Occult Terminators and a box set of 3 sorcerer characters would normally cost you $60.00 each, but at 20% off, they are only $48.00. Ahriman, Arch-sorcerer of Tzeentch gets a fantastic new sculpt riding a disc of Tzeentch that you can take home for just $32.00, which is 20% off the retail price. Also new this week are Tzaangors, the warp-twisted servants of the Thousand Sons. A box of 10 Tzaangors is just $36.00 at CMO. Thousand Sons Blue is the new base paint, while Ahriman Blue is the new layer colour. Each pot is $3.40 at CMO, down from $4.25.

As always, you can reach us at the number above to place an order and you can request our current Games Workshop catalog by sending an e-mail to: