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Deep below the nightmarish, polluted hive cities of Necromunda, in the twisted, dark tunnels of the Underhives, rival gangs fight to the bitter end for personal power, survival and the honour of their Houses.

Juve, welcome back to Necromunda! We're offering prorders on Underhive ($106.25) and Gang War ($25.50). Click on the pictures below to be taken to each of the products.

60010599001_NecromundaUnderhive26 60040599012_GangWarENG01
Necromunda: Gang War - preorder
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Necromunda: Underhive - preorder
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Quantity in stock: 11
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Oct 18, 2017 by: GW At
You have not seen the last of the Death Guard! The tally of Plague Marine kits this week is 4!

We've received the Plague Marines, $42.50, a kit to construct Nurgle's sacred number of troops, 7. The kit comes with a variety of weapon options from the trusty plasma and melta to more esoteric fare such as blight launcher, plaguebelcher, heavy plaguespewer, and much more.

Three individual packs also dropped out of the warp The Biologus Putrifier, $21.25, is here to share Nurgle's bounty and boost your blight grneades while the Plague Marine Champion, $21.25, and Plague Marine Icon Bearer, $21.25, provide players with detailed alternate sculpts to add to your existing Death Guard squads.

Click on the pictures below to be taken to our products

99120102078_PlagueMarines10 99070102005_BiologusPutrifier05 99070102007_DeathguardChampion05 99070102006_DGIconBearer05
Oct 09, 2017 by: GW At
Behold, the tally of Nurgle's blessings A somber tally of the last weeks releases of Nurgle's favored, the Death Guard, and the mortals who will soon join them in Nurgle's Garden. Click on the pictures below for availability and price. 99120102074_DeathGuardBlightLordTerminators09 99120102073_DeathshroudBodyguard07 99120102075_Crawler08 99120102077_BloatDrone08 99070102002_DeathGuardFoulBlightSpawn0599070102004_Rotbone05 99070102003_DeathGuardScribbusWretch05 60030105011_AstraMilitarumCodexINTHB01 60220105003_ENGAstraMilitarumDatacards01 99220199067_MoonBaseKlaisus12